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IKON 2017 on Saturday 7th of October
Food is our main theme this year. Food glorious food!

Ikon 2017

This event is free and open to all. Please register here to guarantee a place. By registering you also help us to support and to give you a better experience.

Balinese Gamelan
by Jagat Gamelan

jagatBaris Gilak: This instrumental piece is derived from the classic dance piece Baris, but is much slower, and more mellow than its ancestor.  It still uses the standard Gilakgong structure, but due to the much slower pace, it is easier to appreciate the complexities of various Balinese interlocking kotekan patterns.  

Tari Panji Semirang:
Dancer: Oemi Soeyono
This dance was created in 1942 by I Nyoman Kaler, and tells the story of the princess Candra Kirana, and her male alter-ego, Panji Semirang, which she is forced to adopt after having been exiled from her home by the machinations of her mean half-sister, the princess Galuh Ajeng. The tale also deals with Candra Kirana losing, and then seraching for her love – the prince Raden Inu Kartopati. Jagat gamelan is performing exceprts from this piece. 

Jeruk Manis: 
Dancer: Gabriela Cerda-Martinez
This is a slightly fun version of the classic dance Jauk Manis. A jauk is a masked dancer depicting a demon. He wears a characteristic stupa-shaped conical head-dress, a mask with large bulging eyes and white gloves with long fingernails which symbolise potent magic. Jauk Manis, or 'sweet jauk', has a refined character with a white face. Although usually performed as a solo dance these days, it is historically associated with the Barong exorcism dance drama. The reason for slightly reworking this as a dance for an orange (jeruk) is to bring the piece in line with this festival's theme of food!


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