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IKON 2017 on Saturday 7th of October
Food is our main theme this year. Food glorious food!

Ikon 2017

This event is free and open to all. Please register here to guarantee a place. By registering you also help us to support and to give you a better experience.

Gado-Gado Ensemble
Boo Boo Sianturi, Jason Noghani, Miryanneka Alwi, and Anwar Baadilla

Gado Gado EnsembleApproaching the third decade of the 20th century, diversity is challenged as if it were avoidable. Humans are destined to be different by the law of nature, thus diversity is inevitable. Gado-gado Ensemble embraces diversity. The name Gado-gado itself is derived from an Indonesian traditional dish; it is a rich mix of vegetables with peanut sauce served as the dressing. So, Gado-gado Ensemble is a cultural salad bowl in which the diverse ingredients - in this case are the individuals - are the collective fabric of the new and unique form of creation.

Gado-gado Ensemble was formed in London in 2015; it was initiated by Boo Boo Sianturi, Jason Noghani, Miryanneka Alwi, and Anwar Baadilla. Since then, the ensemble has gained supports from the following talented and inspiring artists: Jon Wiseman, Pavel Ralev, Tomo Gotou, Esther Huss, Mark Day, Ian Sullivan, Nadia Wadas, Katarina Kostrevc, Yukiko Kinoshita, Shiva Feshareki. Without their supports, Gado-gado would not have gone this far.

Gado-Gado EnsembleGado-gado will soon release their first album entitled ‘Cosmic Trilogy’. It will be the first curated album that explores and incorporates experimental, psychedelic, folk, rock genre into its bowl.

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