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IKON 2017 on Saturday 7th of October
Food is our main theme this year. Food glorious food!

Ikon 2017

This event is free and open to all. Please register here to guarantee a place. By registering you also help us to support and to give you a better experience.


Kaulinan Barudak
by Murangkalih Group

Kaulinan Barudak dance portrays the joy of playing for children in West Java. The dance movements are adopted from traditional game movement in the area.






Beriuk Tinjal
by Students of Whitefield School

Beriuk Tinjal depicts a group of farmers working together to work on their land. With the spirit of gotong royong (the Indonesian concept of reciprocity or mutual aid), they cooperate from planting rice to harvest. This dance is also an expression of gratitude for food we eat every day.

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