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Saturday 18th October 2014
SOAS University of London, Russell Square WC1H 0XG 
11.00 AM -6.00 PM

Full Day Line-up

what's on The programme

Puppet Show
The Worm that Squirmed
Puppet theatre for ages 5 and over/families

A contemporary show for children or adults alike. Indonesian rod puppets tell of a squirmy worm that causes chaos wherever he goes.banner 1 Using little spoken language, this visual feast of farce crosses cultural borders in crazy pursuit of the worm. Where is he now? Watch out everybody! This show prides itself on the use of very little spoken language, relying mainly on physical movement, cross-cultural humour and its exciting musical score combined with live sound effects. Some shadow sequences are included in the original theatre version, but an outdoor version (with no shadow sequences) is also available for outdoors or spaces with no blackout. It is suitable for all children but also particularly appropriate for those who have difficulties hearing or understanding English. The story illustrates that violence gets us nowhere.

Jagat Gamelan

Jagat's performance in 2014 will again be directed by Manuel Jimenez, who recently helped Arsenal football team to have a taste of playing gamelan instruments. Jagat was originally made of up to 12 youths living in South East London. Interest in joining Jagat has increased recently and we now have members as young as 9 and as senior as.... over  50. The good news is that you will be able to see the new members performing at IKON 2013.jagat So, not only will youths participate but players who are both younger and older will demonstrate their skills especially for you.  As usual Jagat Gamelan will perform pure traditional Balinese gamelan with a fast tempo. It is a pleasure to bring back Jagat and to introduce our new members. I hope you will enjoy the show!



Tales of Waria
Director: Kathy Huang
57 mins

18 years+
At a time when transgender communities around the world are largely ignored or misrepresented in the media, the 60-minute documentary video Tales of the Waria intimately explores how one such tales of wariacommunity confronts issues of love, family, and faith. Traveling to Indonesia, the world’s most populated Muslim country, the film trains its lens on the warias, biological men who who identify as women and are a surprisingly visible presence in a culture normally associated with strict gender divides. Interweaving the stories of several warias who make extraordinary sacrifices for love, Tales of the Waria creates a moving and unexpected portrait of a community that dares to live differently from the norm, despite what consequences may await them.


Untuk Rena
Director: Riri Reza
105 mins
All ages

Eleven years old girl, Rena, lives in ‘Rumah Matahari’ (House of Sun) since she was a baby. Rumah Matahari is a peaceful and full of fun orphanage. untuk renaThere in the orphanage where about 30 children live, Rena has younger ‘brothers and sisters’ she deeply protects. She makes trouble whenever a married couple comes to adopt one of them.
When the holy month Ramadhan approaches, comes a mysterious guest, Yudha, to Rumah Matahari. Rena assumes that Uncle Yudha will take away one of her brothers and sisters. It makes her very worried. Therefore she asks them to be suspicious to Uncle Yudha. However, Yudha keeps coming on every weekend and it slowly makes them closer. The atmosphere in Rumah Matahari starts to change. Rena suddenly fells that she has some kind of ties with Uncle Yuda without knowing why.


Elizabeth Pisani
ElizabethShe eats dog for dinner and also takes tea with the dead and argues with local politicians about corruption and idleness. It's the result of a "just say yes" rule she adopted for 2012, when she travelled 23,000 kilometres by boat, bus and motorbike through Indonesia. It's a country that has fascinated and maddened her since she first lived there over two decades ago. Her book Indonesia Etc.: Exploring the Improbable Nation, is a clear-eyed, though not unsympathetic, portrait of a complex and contradictory land.
In her day job Elizabeth studies risky behaviour (when not engaging in it herself). She has a PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and other degrees in Classical Chinese and Medical Demography. In a previous life, she was a political correspondent for Reuters and The Economist, covering stock markets, revolutions, and the messy end to the occupation of Tiananmen Square.
She has lived in a dozen countries and can flirt at a bar in several languages, including Indonesian. Her first book The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS argued that the fight against HIV was derailed because institutional interests trumped the facts and common sense.


Luke Green
"Luke embolded me further and further to engage with the inner depth of a phrase..." Fabio Trümpy, in 'Mag Opernhaus Zürich', Issue 19, May 2014. Luke Green
Luke is an harpsichordist and conductor who is recognised for his affinity with the voice. A chance meeting with the conductor Ivor Bolton following Luke's studies at London's Royal Academy of Music led to further engagements with the Israel Philharmonic, the Salzburg Festival, the Maggio Musicale of Florence, the Bayerisches Staatsoper, the Nederlandse Opera, the Salzburger Mozartwoche, the Zurich Opera, Opèra National du Rhin, Opernhaus Zürich, the Teatro Real in Madrid, and Glyndebourne. He has worked with some of the foremost singers in preclassical repertoire; his orchestral experience also includes work with both period instrument (Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Concerto Köln, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Academy of Ancient Music) and modern orchestras (Wiener Symphoniker, Mozarteum Salzburg, RAI Orchestra Turin, Royal Northern Sinfonia, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra). With the tenor Benjamin Hulett, Luke has recorded works of the English Composer Greene (died 1755) to critical acclaim. Further recordings of the music of this composer are planned. In May 2014 Luke was made an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in recognition of his distinguished contribution to Music.

Nina Flynn
Island Hopping (a photographic journey)

Nina spent her childhood in Java and has been influenced by the colour, vibrancy and vitality of everyday Indonesian life. Life in Indonesia is often one of contrasts, poverty side by side with exquisite beauty. NinaNina brings this appreciation of contrast and juxtaposition to her photography, often seeing beyond the surface.

This collection of images spans a variety of locations from Flores to Java. The images are united by the study of the extraordinary diversity and richness of Indonesia. Where many see everyday life, Nina has found hidden and unexpected beauty. The works range from an exploration of the incredible landscape seen from the air which is often twisted and rippled by a violent, volcanic past (and present) to the simple lives of some of the people and finally to the incredible wildlife.

Nina has captured people’s lives as they go about daily tasks with an intensity and focus. Amidst the hard work captured there is often a large smile and personality, represented by a splash of colour or a simple object crafted to be practical and beautiful. This is revealed in some of the images of the boats of Labuan Bajo. Even the simplest of crafts have been decorated to become objects of beauty. In many of the images there is a glimpse of another world beyond, often unseen by the distracted.

Nina is based in Norwich and on the north Norfolk Coast where she regularly exhibits her work.

More images can be seen at and

Mayang Irsan

MayangMayang Irsan has recently graduated from Middlesex University, London with a degree in Film. Originating from Bogor, West Java, her interests in theatre, dance and film come together in Unmasked. The film is an experimental documentary that explores the ritualistic transformation of Margaret Coldiron -whose performance is also featured in this event- before she performs the traditional Balinese mask dance, Topeng. The film aims to question the boundaries of performance -backstage and onstage- through the medium of film.

Margaret Coldiron

MargaretTrained as an actress at the Drama Centre London, Margaret Coldiron toured the US with the National Shakespeare Company and has taught and directed for professional theatre programmes in the US and UK. She has studied and performed Balinese Topeng since 1997 and has led workshops throughout the UK and Europe. She is currently Deputy Head of the BA in World Performance at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex and a member of Gamelan Lila Cita and Lila Bhawa dance troupe.

Musarc Singers

MaudeIngebjørg, Lara, Maude, Jeremy, Rebekka and Toby met at the choir Musarc, which explores how sound, music and space can interact.

The choir Musarc also collaborates with artists and contemporary composers to realise ephemeral and singular ideas. Musarc singers have prepared Indonesian songs to be sung at Indonesian Kontemporer on 18th October in London and at the ISIC Gala cultural night on 25th October in Oxford.

Rod Puppet making
Wayang Golek of Sunda
by Indigo Moon Theatre

Rod PuppetsWorkshops making simple rod puppets based on Wayang Golek, traditional rod puppets of Sunda, West Java, are available with a demonstration of how these colourful characters move.

Using easily available mainly recycled materials, participants can construct and operate a simple rod puppet which can breathe like a traditional wayang golek puppet. Depending on time they might create and perform a story, or in short workshops at least learn how to present their character and make them move.

Booking is on first time first serve basis at
Place is limited to 30 participants

Gamelan Lila Cita

Meaning ‘amusement of the heart’ or ‘happiness’, this gamelan group was founded in 1992 by Andy Channing. lilaMany of the members have studied in Bali and it is the only group in Britain that regularly performs a wide range of traditional and contemporary Balinese music. The group has played throughout the UK and abroad, including performances at Fondacion la Caixa in Barcelona, St James’s Palace, Royal Opera House and Glastonbury Festival. Lila Cita were the first group from the UK to perform at the prestigious Bali Arts Festival in July 2006. Their CD, Lovers of Beauty, was recorded on the beautiful gamelan semar pegulingan. They based at SOAS.

Gita Gutawa and Papua Dancers

Soprano singer, artist and songwriter, Gita Gutawa, who is currently doing her study in Birmingham – gitaUK will also perform at Indonesia Kontemporer 2014. The presence of Gita Gutawa as an Indonesian star will increase the enthusiasm of both Indonesians and UK residents in London. Furthermore, Londoners can learn more about Indonesian music and also promote Indonesian music in a global scale.






Segara Madu

segara This duet is a gendér wayang group based at SOAS, directed and taught by Nick Gray. Nick lectures on music at SOAS. He studied gendér wayang for several years with I Wayan Loceng in Sukawati, a village in south Bali famed for its shadow puppetry and the complexity of its gendér style. Two of us will be performing: Paula Friar and Nick Gray. Gender wayang is the name given to a small quartet of bronze metallophones, used in Bali to accompany the shadow play (wayang kulit), a sacred drama based on stories from ancient Indian epics. It also serves as a ritual ensemble playing for life-cycle ceremonies, temple festivals, purification rituals and cremations as part of Bali’s rich Hindu heritage. The playing technique in this miniature gamelan ensemble is very demanding, as players must damp the ringing notes with their wrists while executing high-speed figuration that interlocks between the instruments. Bamboo resonating tubes beneath the keys give the sound a unique resonance. The performance in IKON 2014 will include pieces from the Sukawati shadow play and ritual repertoire as well as from Tenganan in east Bali.

Talks on Wayang
organised by the Anglo-Indonesian Society

Matthew Isaac Cohen
Matthew Isaac Cohen is a scholar of Indonesian performing arts and puppet theatres around the world. His research examines tradition in modernity, the emergence of new artistic forms and practices in culturally complex sites, cohenrepresentations of alterity and transnational performances. An American by birth, he studied wayang kulit in the puppetry department of the conservatoire Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta in Indonesia, received a PhD in anthropology from Yale University, was a postdoctoral research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies in The Netherlands and taught at the University of Glasgow before joining Royal Holloway in 2005. He has been a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Malaya in Malaysia, a visiting scholar at Sanata Dharma University in Indonesia and a fellow-in-residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences. He performs wayang kulit internationally under the company banner Kanda Buwana, and in 2009, he was honoured to receive the royal title Kyai Ngabehi from the royal court of Kacirebonan (Cirebon, Indonesia) for ‘great and consistent attention to the culture of Indonesia, particularly in the field of traditional puppetry.’

Dr Alessandra Lopez y Royo
Alessandra is a SOAS graduate. She was Reader in Visual Culture at the University of Roehampton from 2007 to 2013. She has a PhD from SOAS in Art and Archaeology, with a thesis on dance iconography, alessandratemple art and Indian influence in ancient Southeast Asia, following which she worked on an embodied reconstruction of dance movements from sculptural representation with a number of Indian and Indonesian choreographers. This initial interest in archaeological approaches to dance performance (archaeochoreology) led her to explore dance and performance heritage and its construction, mediatization and representation, as also dance and performance documentation, the interface of visual arts and dance making and photography of performance, especially dance. Alessandra maintains a research relationship with SOAS, having been Research Associate of the Centre for Media and Film Studies since 2004 and  was involved in the screening of Indonesian films at SOAS through Indofilm, a project by Wadah, the Indonesian Community Association of the UK, dedicated to the promotion of Indonesian cinema in the UK with the support of the Indonesian Embassy.

Peretta Anggerek

PerettaAustralian countertenor of Indonesian and Chinese heritage, Peretta received his Bachelors of Science and Laws at University of New South Wales (Sydney) before continuing his musical studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.  In 1999, Peretta was selected as a finalist for McDonald’s Operatic Aria Competition, Australasia’s most prestigious singing competition, formerly the Sydney Sun Aria won by Dame Joan Sutherland in 1949.  In 2002, Peretta was also selected as a finalist for both Covent Garden National Opera Studio Scholarship and again for McDonald’s Operatic Aria Competition.  Peretta has sung with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra (Sydney), State Orchestra of Victoria (Melbourne), Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra (Sydney), the Australian Ballet (Sydney and Melbourne), IHOS Opera (Launceston, Hobart, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney) and the Renaissance Players (Sydney).  Peretta’s recital credits include 3 recital recordings for ABC Classic FM.  Based in London since 2009, Peretta has performed with the Philharmonia Chorus both as a chorister and as a soloist, including the countertenor soloist in Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Sudden-Doot (Suddendly Dangdut)

Sudden-Doot is a collaboration of independent Indonesian artists, from different walks of life, who have all ended up living in the UK. They are Teguh Santosa (Vocal and Guitar), Yustia Bird (Vocal), JokiJogja (Tabla) and Winoto Sukamto (Bass).

Teguh Santosa works in education and writes his own songs. He plays guitar and sings. He loves making pop and rock and roll music.

Yustia Bird, singer, is a mature student studying accountancy. She also plays gamelan with LSO Community Group.

JokiJogja works in IT, he plays the Tabla. He enjoys playing dangdut and pop music too.

Winoto Sukamto plays the Bass. He likes playing dangdut, pop and rock music. He works in aircraft service industry.

The musicians have come together for the first time to bring this performance to you in IKON2014. Dangdut is very popular genre in Indonesia, due to its melodious instrumentation and vocals. Our unique London based Dangdut features a tabla and gendang beat, thus creating an original genre in music. We hope this will be an enjoyable and interesting performance for all of you and expect to see a bit of dancing going on, so lets get up and boogie.


Tia Darik and Tiana Hannaford

The batik method of wax printmaking has been perfected across the Indonesian archipelago over many hundreds of years, resulting in fabrics renowned for being rich in colour, exuberant and exotic. They are proud to use these vibrant batik prints within their collections -an Asian twist that will bring increased life and energy to your wardrobe. This will be the first London showing of their new collection of leisurewear for 2015.

The batik method of wax printmaking has been perfected across the Indonesian archipelago over many hundreds of years, resulting in fabrics renowned for being rich in colour, exuberant and exotic. They are proud to use these vibrant batik prints within their collections -an Asian twist that will bring increased life and energy to your wardrobe. This will be the first London showing of their new collection of leisurewear for 2015.

Barbara Bisco

BarbaraBarbara Bisco has a degree in anthropology from Harvard University and a Ph.D in economics from Cornell University and was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship. Married to a nomadic economist, she gave birth to her daughter, Jasmine, in Yogjakarta where Tiger with a Human Soul takes place. Although they now live in London, the whole family regards Indonesia as a second home. Barbara is the author of two other novels, A Taste for Green Tangerines and Night of the Water Spirits.


Syarifah McDonough

SyarifahSyarifah McDonough is a native of Indonesia but spent much of her childhood and university life in Australia.  She has also lived and worked in the vibrant and colourful environments of Singapore and Shanghai before settling in the UK in 2005.

She has long had a passion for amateur photography and has recently picked up the camera professionally. She specialises in travel and family portraits but it is the incredible variety of life in her homeland that holds a special fascination. For this IKON 2014 she contribute her photography for Thousand Faces exhibition.



Pirok                             Pirok
A bilingual children's book about a young orangutan named Pirok who found himself inside a basket belonging to a boy collecting fruit.
'Pirok ke Kota/Pirok goes to the City' is to be distributed to Primary schools in the UK. To get more information, contact Indonesian Education Attache in London




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