Indonesian art within the UK's cultural diversity
Ikon2011 Jagat Gamelan
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Sandra Niessen - Textile researcher
A freelance consulting anthropologist based in The Netherlands, in 1979 she began to study, lecture and write about the Batak cultures of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Batak textiles are the focus of many of her publications. Her latest book, Legacy in cloth: Batak textiles of Indonesia appeared in May 2009, the culmination of thirty years of work. It documents the full repertory of textile types of the Toba, Karo and Simalungun Batak, including their history and techniques of production. In 2010, she completed a project named ‘Back to the Villages/Pulang Kampung’ in which she gave 40 copies of Legacy in cloth to weavers in the Batak villages. Shortly after this first ‘Pulang Kampung’ journey she began working with MJA Nashir on a film about Batak weaving techniques entitled ‘Rangsa ni Tonun’. Many of the techniques are no longer practised. The film is based on a text written in 1872 by a Batak Guru.

MJA Nasir

MJA Nashir - Photographer
A freelance photographer, writer, poet, film maker, and designer. His works are based on 'Love Indonesia' which foster the spirit of the younger generation. Nashir has travelled to different parts of Indonesia, such as Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Borneo, Flores, Lampung, taking pictures and making film. He works with Sandra Niessen in Tano Batak (Land of Batak) on a documentary film on Ulos weaving technique, a specific clothing for the Bataks. During the project, Nashir wrote a diary to share his experience and a the same time raising the awareness of Ulos. In 2011 he compiled that diary into a book titled Berkelana dengan Sandra Menyusuri Ulos Batak (Bergoord Publishing, 2011).



Rangsa Ni Tonun

Rangsa Ni Tonun - Documentary film
It was filmed and directed by the Javanese artist, MJA Nashir. It is a mise-en-scène of the Rangsa ni Tonun text written in 1872 by a Batak guru in the Silindung Valley. A rangsa text is characterized by secret, decorative vocabulary much of which is now archaic or forgotten. It makes the connection between weaving techniques and their origination with the gods. Many of the weaving techniques described in the text have also been forgotten. The film is a kind of translation strategy. The text is narrated by a Batak villager and the techniques that it described are demonstrated by various weavers living throughout the Batak region. It is narrated in Batak and the version that will be shown during the Pulang Kampung III expedition has Indonesian subtitles. The film has been shown in Berlin, Cologne, Prague, Paris and Delft in 2012. It premiered at Fiber Face 3, the biannual international fibre arts exhibition in Yogyakarta in 2011.


Diane Gaffney  - Textile traders
I first visited Java in 1983, fell in love with batik and have been going back every year since. My husband Jim and I set up our business soon afterwards buying and selling traditional textiles from Asia and we still love the wonderful textiles we sell. We run a shop in beautiful South Shropshire called Textile Traders. I have been on the committee of the UK Batik Guild for 15 years, have spoken at The World Batik Conference in Malaysia and America, give talks and workshops to groups all around the UK, put on exhibitions of Asian textiles and am an organiser of World Textile Days. This year I have started leading a special textile tour to Java.


Ben Murtagh - Film curator
Dr Ben Murtagh is Senior Lecturer in Indonesian and Malay at SOAS, University of London. He convenes Indonesian language teaching at SOAS and also teaches on Indonesian literature and film. He also supervises research students in the fields of film, literature and queer studies. Ben first travelled to Indonesia in 1990 and has been a frequent visitor ever since. While he initially spent much of his time in Sumatra, more recently his research interests mean that most of his visits to Indonesia are spent in Jakarta and Surabaya. Ben's research is currently focused on Indonesian film and he has published a number of articles on the emergence of the 'gay' and 'lesbi' subject positions in Indonesian cinema. His book, Genders and Sexualities in Indonesian Cinema has recently been published by Routledge. He is also Managing Editor of the journal Indonesia and the Malay World and Book Reviews Editor of the journal South East Asia Research.


SOAS - Indonesian film screenings
This year sees the biggest ever event, the 2013 London Indonesian Film Screenings, presenting a selection of some of the most exciting films to come out of Indonesia in recent years. The films touch on issues of love, morality, sexuality and family. We start off by screening Teddy Soeriaatmadja’s two most recent films, both of which have been critically acclaimed; Lovely Man tells the story of a young woman who discovers that her estranged father is a transgender sex worker, while Something in the Way is a gripping film about a taxi driver caught between sexual desire and religious obligation. Both these films will be followed by a Q&A session with the director. Friday night’s film, Parts of the Heart, is a film told in eight parts about an Indonesian gay man as he moves from childhood to middle age. Saturday’s films coincide with the Indonesian day of culture at Indonesia Kontemporer 2013.
See the list of films on the 19th of October


A Cappella quatuor
Maude Pinet, the leader of the quatour is a chartered landscape architect based in London.  Since 2006, she has worked on various gardens and large scale landscape projects in the UK and across Europe. With her extensive plant knowledge, she looks to further her interest in the construction of outdoor spaces.  Maude sings with the choir ‘Musarc’, which explores how sound, music and space interact. The singers in the quartet, met at this choir and have prepared pieces to be sung in Indonesian.


FIPA - Dance
Ramayana on stilts is one of FIPA's most popular outdoor productions. Seen throughout the UK, it features four colourful characters - Rama, Sinta, Rahwana and Hanuman. Funded by Arts Council, England and SEA Arts.


Luke Green - Director of All Saints' Children Choir
He is active as a church musician, continuos player, soloist and music educator, and co-founded the group Salut! before accepting a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy in London. Here he studied with the late John Toll, Virginia Black and Laurence Cummings, and benefited from the many masterclasses with leading specialists in the field of Early Music. Luke has been a regular repetiteur and teacher for the Dartington International Festival and Summer School, and worked with Michael Chance as an accompanist and coach on a course for the Britten Pears School.


Lesley Pullen - Art historian
Born in Medan Sumatra, Lesley was brought up between Asia and the UK. After twenty five years living in Asia with her family, she arrived in London in 1997 to complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art at SOAS. Lesley worked at Asia House in London for two years before returning to SOAS to complete her Masters. She has been a Tutor on the Southeast Asian Art module of the SOAS postgraduate diploma programme for the past five years. Lesley has been an occasional lecturer on SOAS BA and MA courses and is an independent lecturer both in the UK and internationally. Lesley continues to collect Asian material art, particularly Indonesian textiles, and travels to different parts of Asia at least once a year. She is currently pursuing her PhD research at SOAS writing her thesis on the Representation of Textiles on Indonesian Sculpture: 9th to 14th century.


Daliana Suryawinata - Architect
She is a recipient of the Indonesian Diaspora Award for Innovation 2012 and Archinesia Award for Architecture Exhibitions 2012. One of the founder of SHAU, a young architecture and urban design firm in Rotterdam, Munich, and Jakarta. SHAU’s projects contain societal and/or environmental agenda. Daliana is Chief Officer of the Indonesian Institute of Architects, European Union chapter, advisor for Erasmus Huis Architecture program, and researcher at The WhyFactory, TU Delft. Upon graduation from the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, she has worked at the world’s most interesting architecture offices: OMA (Rem Koolhaas), West8 (Adriaan Geuze) and MVRDV (Winy Maas).

Patrick Tantra

Patrick Tantra - Architect
Patrick is a Jakarta born architectural designer. Upon graduating in 2006 with an honours degree in architecture from Perth, Western Australia he relocated to London where he has worked and lived since. As a designer he is interested in site-specific architecture and the non-tangible conditions that shape the built environment.  Completed works include multi-storey residential buildings and a monastery. Patrick has also taught at university level in Australia and he is currently in the process of qualifying for the part 3 postgraduate professional certificate at the UCL in London.

Jgat gamelan

Jagat Gamelan - Traditional music
Following a successful show last year, Jagat is delighted to play another Balinese gamelan show at this year's IKON. Their performance will again be directed by Manuel Jimenez, who recently helped Arsenal football team to have a taste of playing gamelan instruments. Jagat was originally made of up to 12 youths living in South East London. Interest in joining Jagat has increased recently and we now have members as young as 9 and as senior as.... over  50. The good news is that you will be able to see the new members performing at IKON 2013. So, not only will youths participate but players who are both younger and older will demonstrate their skills especially for you.  As usual Jagat Gamelan will perform pure traditional Balinese gamelan with a fast tempo. It is a pleasure to bring back Jagat and to introduce our new members. I hope you will enjoy the show!

Manuel Jimenez

Manuel Jimenez - Gamelan workshop leader
He has been a performer of several styles of Balinese gamelan for the last 10 years and has been teaching gamelan since 2004.  He is also a performer and teacher of other non-Western musical styles, including Javanese gamelan, Zimbabwean mbira, and Korean SamulNori. He is currently finishing a PhD on the bamboo gamelan jegog of Western Bali.


Debbie Guneratne - Storyteller
Debbie was born on a pearl in the Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka. She has travelled the world telling and collecting stories from bonfire to banquet, from tourist to tribesman and from volcano to seashore. She founded Small Tales Storytelling Clubs, which train children in the art of storytelling, as she believes in passing on the oral tradition to the storytellers of the future. Debbie is a storyteller in residence for The National Portrait Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery and Horniman Museum. She runs workshops for adults and children in collaboration with other artists, as in The Royal National Theatre’s Arts in Education project, U3A groups, trainee storytellers and Bromley Refugee Network. Debbie leads workshops and conferences for international corporations, libraries and universities. She is also Artistic Director of Create, using the arts and sciences to inspire creativity.


Tiffany Strawson - Mask Dancer
Tiffany is a PhD candidate from Plymouth University, England, studying the embodiment of the Balinese topeng mask and its application in a post-traditional context. She first came to Bali in 1999 and has lived between Ubud, Bali and Dartmoor, England ever since funding this passion for masks by directing various  productions including large scale site-specific and intimate community theatre ventures. With the sole intention of learning the craft of the mask Tiffany spent over a year carving masks with Ida Bagus Anom in Mas, making a vast collection of traditional and contemporary designs. In order to give more ‘life’ to the mask, Tiffany then began the process (on-going) of learning the dances, stories and mantras associated with topeng with Ida Bagus Alit, in Lod Tunduh. She now has extended her range of teachers to include Pak Djimat, from Batuan.                         

Suara Indonesia

Suara Indonesia - Dance Group
Suara Indonesia Dance Group presents an energetic mix of dance, body percussion and song unparalleled by any other performance group in Australia. With a blend of traditional and contemporary influences from their Indonesian heritage and Australian upbringing, Suara Indonesia Dance Group brings liveliness, originality and all-engaging performances to the stage every time. Artistic director Alfira and choreographer Murtala preserve traditional and folkloric dances as well as creating new works based on traditional movements. This dynamic duos' traditional training has inspired the troupe to acknowledge the past as a way to comprehend and contribute to the present and future art form of dance.


Margaret Coldiron - Dancer
Margaret Coldiron trained as an actress at the Drama Centre London, toured the US with the National Shakespeare Company and has taught and directed for professional actor training programmes in the US and UK. She has studied and performed Balinese Topeng masked dance drama since 1997 and has led workshops throughout the UK and Europe. She is currently Deputy Head of the BA in World Performance at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex and a member of Gamelan Lila Cita and Lila Bhawa dance troupe.


Project Tobong - Photography
Project Tobong is a collaboration between British artist Helen Marshall and Indonesian artist Risang Yuwono. It is a research and development art project with the Ketoprak Tobong Kelana Bakti Budaya, one of the last remaining theatre troupes in Yogyakarta, Java. The artists documented the lives of this community and where they live on the outskirts of the city of Yogyakarta, spending a period of intensive residency with them, and devised a series of constructed  photographs or tableau vivant (living pictures), whereby each player was removed from their original context. The artists worked together  to encourage a spontaneous response from each player and confront the spectator, intending to provoke questions about the role of traditional arts within a contemporary backdrop. This project is supported by Arts Council England and the British Council, hosted by Gasworks.

Helen Marshal

Helen Marshall - Artist Photographer
Helen Marshall, D.O.B 1971, is a British artist. Her work is rooted in photography and design. She has a track record in socially engaged and collaborative practice in the public realm. Commissions include projects for BBC Television, Tate Britain and The Photographers Gallery. She has co-produced a number of works that have showcased British and International artists, and she is a recent recipient of an Arts Council and British Council funded photographic collaboration in Indonesia, working with Risang Yuwono who visits the UK for the first time this autumn, hosted by Gasworks. Project Tobong is a research and development art project with the Ketoprak Tobong Kelana Bakti Budaya, one of the last remaining theatre troupes in Yogyakarta, Java.


Risang Yuwono

Risang Yuwono - Artist Photographer
Risang Yuwono, born in Semarang, Indonesia 1985, graduated in Photography in 2009 from the photography faculty at Jakarta Institute of Art, Institut Kesenian Jakarta. He currently lives and works in Jakarta as a freelance photographer on a number of commercial and social cultural assignments. He has had his work published in national and international press including Jakarta post newspaper, Tempo Magazine and Jakarta Institute. He also teaches at the National Islam University, and runs a not for profit underground community photography project 'Bautanah Street Gallery' based behind Cikini Jakarta train station. Risang Yuwono visits the UK for the first time this autumn, hosted by Gasworks and Helen Marshall to work on an onogoing collaboration. Project Tobong is a research and development art project with the Ketoprak Tobong Kelana Bakti Budaya, one of the last remaining theatre troupes in Yogyakarta, Java.


Bahasa Indonesia - Language class
Indonesian Embassy and Wadah aims to bring oneself a wider knowledge of learning native Indonesian language and the aspect of greater volume of what is to be learned for general daily discussion. The lessons hopefully will bring self confidence amongst each individual person and bringing their thoughts at great strength. Anyone is more than welcome to join so please fill the necessary application and please do not hesitate to speak to one of our members for further information.



Bona Pasogit

Bonapasogit - Community of Halak Batak
Bonapasogit UK is an organisation of the Indonesian community in the United Kingdom, which is not based on religion, ethnicity, political affiliations, gender, or age, but is based on one common interest which: "Batak Tribe Community".  The aim of Bonapasogit UK is to bring together the Indonesian Batak Tribe community and facilitate communal activities, organise social events and to play a role in Indonesian public diplomacy in the United Kingdom.


Adrian Ball - Architect
Adrian studied Architecture at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and The Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art. With a wide range of experience from working in Newcastle, Dresden, Berlin and London, Adrian is a co founder of Satmoko Ball with Cara Satmoko, has been an RIBA Chartered Architect since 1999 and has been teaching Architecture for over 10 years at the Universities of Kingston upon Thames and Nottingham. Adrian kindly helps preparing the exhibition room at the Indonesia Kontemporer 2013, and more.


Adrian Permata Scanlon - Film producer
I am a half-Indonesian videographer with a passion for filming, editing and of course Indonesia. I started making films in 2006 and have gone on to produce video content shown across the world and on different platforms. My hope is to continue developing and break into the Indonesian film industry – firmly behind the camera of course. The ultimate ambition would be to play a part in a new wave of Indonesian cinema. I am always open to collaborations with like-minded people. IKON 2013 will be my third successive year working with ARTi UK and hopefully not the last. It is such a joyous event and really gives modern Indonesian art a chance to be seen and appreciated.

Paul Flanders

Paul Flanders - Illustrator
Paul is a self-taught illustrator who has previously worked for many years as a graphic designer/artworker (including a number of years with a development charity in Indonesia). He currently designs posters based on  books and films, examples of which are exhibited and sold by Dark City Gallery. Paul kindly helped ARTi UK with designing the poster for Indonesia Kontemporer 2013.


Leny McDonnell - Fashion Designer for Batik Lence
I'm creative hard working, a multi-discipline Kebaya designer and pattern making living in Derbyshire, UK with my lovely husband Adrian and our son Christopher. I work for my self and enjoy drawing, dressmaking, and personal projects including fashion shows and cultural showcases that keep me curious and busy. When not working with my project in fashion, I take up courses in Alison Smith School of Sewing and Dressmaking based in Ashby de la Zouch in order to enrich my design platform based from Fashion Design in South France, as well as managing my own fashion company Kebaya Lence UK.


Batik Lence - Fashion line
Kebaya Lence Clothing is designed with high quality and care. Each item of clothing is individual and its completely made by hand. Because each items are made by hand and each beads and sequinne is sewn individually made to order items can take up to 3-4 months depending on the style and the intricate details.
This company is based on the belief that their customers' need are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of its business is from repeat customers, events and referrals.

Poco Poco
Source: TribunManado/Finneke Wolajan

Poco Poco - folk dance
A line dance from Eastern part of Indonesia was made popular in early 2000. This community dance with simple format of movement is also executed as different variations in health workshop with music originated from Maluku, Poco-poco.


SATURDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2013 10am-7pm
SOAS University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

_______________________________FREE ENTRY____________________________________________

For all workshops, sign up to:

FAMILY (family with children will enjoy)
10.00-11.00: BG Lecture Theatre foyer WORKSHOP: Learn Balinese Gamelan with Manuel  Jimenez. Please sign up
10.45-11.15:BG Suite DRESSING-UP CORNER: discover and try out the Indonesian textiles and clothing from different parts of Indonesia and the props to combine with. The corner will move to BG Suite from noon onwards
11.15-12.00:BG Suite STORYTELLING: A Leap across the Ocean Join Debbie Guneratne as she weaves traditional stories of giants, gems and a golden snail, with anecdotes of her travels in Indonesia, from Java to Kelimutu, a volcano on Flores, stopping at Komodo where she found the dragon she had been given for her fifth birthday. 
12.00-12.30: SOAS Pedestrian Area OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT: Featuring colourful characters of FIPA’s Ramayana characters on stilts: Rama, Sinta, Rahwana and Hanuman 
12.30-14.00: Room G2 FILM: Cita-citaku setinggi tanah (dir. Eugene Panji) The film starts off as a documentary, and closely follows its protagonists in order to portray the beauty of a simple but intact childhood in Rural Indonesia (a family film suitable for all ages))
12.30.-13.30: BGLT foyer DANCE: Balinese Mask Dance with Margaret Coldiron. Encounter all the fascinating characters from Balinese Topéng and learn to dance the fierce Topeng Keras, the strong Prime Minister. Please sign up
14.30-15.00: BG Lecture Theatre MUSIC: The Children of the Choir of All Saints' Church, New Eltham (dir. Luke Green) sing Indonesian Children’s' Songs.
17.00-17.15: BG Lecture Theatre Don’t miss the grand finale: FASHION PARADE of beautiful Indonesian clothing by Batik Lence. Some designs took up to 3-4 months work by hand depending on the style and the intricate details

10.00- finish: SOAS pedestrian area The ever popular FOOD STALLS selling all kind of Indonesian food and snacks will be served


11.00-17.00: BG Suite EXHIBITION on textiles of Sumatra: A curated exhibition of traditional textiles from Minangkabau, Palembang and Lampung: From a private collection. Browse along the stalls selling beautiful textiles, clothing, accessories, and more.
12.30-13.00: BG Suite TALK on North Sumatran textile tradition, Pulang Kampung: travelling back to honour the villagers by Sandra Niessen 
13.30-14.00: BG Suite TALK on many different types of Batik by Diane Gaffney
16.00-16.15: BG Lecture Theatre FASHION PARADE of beautiful Indonesian clothing by Batik Lence.
17.00           : BG Lecture Theatre Don’t miss the grand finale: FASHION PARADE of beautiful Indonesian clothing by Batik Lence. Some designs took up to 3-4 months work by hand depending on the style and the intricate details

11.00- finish: SOAS Building Foyer; Information desk on STUDYING IN INDONESIA by the Education Attaché's Office of the Indonesian Embassy in London


11.00-12.00: Room G2 TALK on Traditional and Contemporary Indonesian Architecture: Visual
presentations by Lesley Pullen (SOAS) and Daliana Suryawinata (SHAU,IAI-EU). An event curated by JALAN.
12.30-13.00: BG Suite TALK on North Sumatran TEXTILE tradition:  Pulang Kampung: travelling back to honour the villagers by Sandra Niessen
13.30-14.00: BG Suite TALK on Batik TEXTILE : Javanese Batik with Diane Gaffney - look at some wonderful textiles, find out how they're made and hear the stories behind them.
14.00-15.00: BG Suite TALK on Project Tobong:  documenting a dying traditional play ‘KETOPRAK TOBONG’ in Java by Helen Marshall and Risang Yuwono

All workshops are very popular. Sign up to get definite space to:
10.00-12.00: BGL Theatre MUSIC: Learn Balinese Gamelan with Manuel Jimenez. Please Sign up
11.00-12.00: BGLT foyer DANCE: Poco-Poco Dance the folk dance from the North Sulawesi with the Indonesian Community
12.30.-13.30: BGLT foyer DANCE: Balinese Mask Dance with Margaret Coldiron. Encounter all the fascinating characters from Balinese Topéng and learn to dance the fierce Topeng Keras, the strong Prime Minister. Please sign up
14.30-16.00: Room G3 LANGUAGE: Indonesian Language with the Indonesian Embassy. Please sign up

11.00-12.00: BGLT foyer WORKSHOP:  Poco-Poco Dance with the Indonesian Community. Learn the Indonesian folk dance from North Sulawesi
12.30-13.30: BGLT foyer WORKSHOP:  Balinese Mask Dance with Margaret Coldiron. Last year this was the most oversubscribed workshop. Please sign up
16.00-16.45: BGL Theatre PERFORMANCE: Balinese Mask dance by Tiffany Strawson and Margaret Coldiron interpreting the fairytale of the ‘Red Riding Hood’
17.15-17.45: BGL Theatre PERFORMANCE: Suara Indonesia Dance Group brings liveliness, originality and all-engaging performances to the stage with a blend of traditional and contemporary influences from their Indonesian heritage and Australian upbringing


10.00-11.30: BGL Theatre WORKSHOP: Balinese Gamelan with Manuel Jimenez. Please sign up
13.30-14.30: BGL Theatre PERFORMANCE: Bonapasogit sings Batak songs followed by a FILM on Batak Ulos textile ‘Rangsa ni Tonun’(dir. Sandra Niessen and MJA Nashir)
14.30-15.00:BGL Theatre PERFORMANCE: All Saints’ Children Choir (dir. Luke Green) sings Indonesian songs
15.00-15.30: BGL Theatre PERFORMANCE: Jagat Gamelan plays Balinese Semar Pegulingan Gamelan
15.30-16.00: BGL Theatre PERFORMANCE: A cappella Quatour: Maude Pinet and friends sing Indonesian songs

FILM (all films are English subtitled. Please arrive promptly). Curated by Ben Murtagh
12.30: Room G2 Cita-citaku setinggi tanah (dir. Eugene Panji) The film starts off as a documentary, and closely follows its protagonists in order to portray the beauty of a simple but intact childhood in Rural Indonesia (a family film suitable for all ages)
14.00: Room G2 Short documentary: Mentawai Tattoo Revival (dir. Rahung Nasution): a Jakarta tattoo artist visits Mentawai to document the local tattoo tradition.
15.30: Room G2 Vakansi Yang Janggal dan Penyakit Lainnya (dir, Yosep Anggi Noen): Ning, a young married catholic woman embarks on a long road trip with her Muslim colleague (suitable for adult audiences)

*. All subject to change


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