Indonesian art within the UK's cultural diversity
Ikon2011 Jagat Gamelan
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Jagat Gamelan is a group of gamelan music lovers, based in London, who practice both Javanese and Balinese gamelan regularly. Jagat stands for Jaga Tradisi which can be interpreted as “preserving” Indonesian culture (through gamelan).


Formed in 2010, Jagat initially had 10 youth members aged between 9 and 14. Jagat has since become a gamelan group of all ages from as young as 7 to as mature as having a free travel ticket holders and in 2015 its active memberships has more than tripled.

Jagat Gamelan         Jagat Gamelan         Jagat Gamelan

Although Jagat mostly focuses on pure traditional gamelan, occasionally members create their own compositions by mixing gamelan instruments and modern musical instruments such as keyboard, drums, guitar and violin.

In July 2021, Jagat Gamelan produced a virtual performance based on a story book 'Pirok Goes to the City'. Everyone worked from home and recorded their work themselves. All recordings then were put together into an amazing YouTube video. Click the images below to watch the performance and the making of it!

Jagat Gamelan Show                   Jagat Gamelan Behind The Scenes

Jagat gamelan was flourished over the years having performed both Javanese and Balinese gamelan in several events and venues in the UK including Chesham, the   Indonesian Embassy, Imperial College, Kensington Town Hall,  South Bank and the Indonesia Kontemporer annual events held in London. 

Jagat   Jagat   Jagat


Coordinator: Endang Scanlon
If you want to now more on how to join Jagat Gamelan, email:


Jagat Gamelan      Jagat     Jagat     

Jagat Gamelan

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