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These events have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Gado-gado Ensemble
Gado-gado Music Ensemble in action

Gamelan Workshop
Balinese Gamelan workshop with Manuel Jimenez

A variety of tasty Indonesian food

Jagat Gamelan
Balinese Jagat Gamelan

What's up Anoa
Puppet show, What's up Anoa, by Felicia Nayoan-Siregar

Music Teguh
Street music with Teguh Santosa

Pencak SilatPencak silat's demontration by pendekars of The Pencak Silat Federation of the UK


Jagat Gamelan
Balinese dancers and the Jagat Gamelan

Graphic Art
Graphic Art by Taring Padi, a collective of underground artists in Yogyakarta

Jagat Gamelan
Javanese Jagat Gamelan

One of Indonesian handycraft stalls

Film poster art
Film poster by Paul Flanders

Observing old stamp collection

IKON 2019
Big round applause for the Balinese Jagat Gamelan and dancers


IKON Poster

What's up Anoa
Meeting the audience after the wayang puppet show

An exhibiton of old Bali calendar (Collection of George Saba)

Stamp collection from Japanese occupation time in Indonesia
(Collection of Dande Dibiarma Darmawan Soedewo)

Jagat Gamelan
Balinese Jagat Gamalan

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