Indonesian art within the UK's cultural diversity
Ikon2011 Jagat Gamelan
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Indonesia Kontemporer 2011
A celebration of arts inspired by Indonesian arts and culture
SOAS, Saturday 15th of October
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"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the event at SOAS yesterday. I have spent a little time in Indonesia many years ago and loved being reacquainted with aspects of its culture. For my cousin, who is 21 and Indonesian by birth but was adopted by my British aunt and uncle as a baby, the experience was extremely valuable. It meant a lot to both of us that she was able to soak up such interesting and varied events. Many thanks to you and your team for putting on such a lovely day with such a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. She has been talking about her desire to go back to Indonesia -as an adult- and is now looking forward to the possibility of study in Indonesia." SP.

"I'd love to participate and display some of my artworks next year." N.

"My family really enjoyed and felt very happy to be involved in Indonesia Kontemporer 2011. We got new friends and new ideas to continuously improve our skills, work, as well as the quality of our lives in the UK. Hopefully in the future ArtiUK would continue to organise events that could give benefit to all of us and to Indonesia." TS.

"Many congratulations. What a splendid organisation you've done! Impressive."

We had a good day at your special event. Well done! My friend says to tell you that she hasn't had such a happy day for a long time." MF.

"I' ve had such a lovely day. Enjoyed everything. Well done! You are a great organiser and what a back up team!" LB.

"This is just to say that I enjoyed the events yesterday at SOAS, including a language class, a gamelan performance and "Sunday Morning in Victoria Park". I am a member of the Anglo-Indonesian Society and on several of SOAS's e-mailing lists, but unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the information I received in advance about yesterday's event, and I went along almost as an afterthought, and was pleasantly surprised. Should you have any events in London planned for the future, please could you let me know in good time, so that I can make a note of the date and do my best to keep the date free?" GB

"I missed this event. Could you please inform me for the next event?" IM.

"This is just to say how very much my wife and I enjoyed Saturday. Such a very interesting range of events." AF.

"A huge congratulations for a well organised, enjoyable and stimulating event." MK


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