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Indonesia Kontemporer 2018
Saturday 6th October
SOAS University of London, Russell Square WC1H 0XG

Kacapi Suling Sekar Enggal

Kacapi parahu is the large boat shaped zither from West Java usually played in combination with a long suling, or bamboo flute. These instruments provide accompaniment for tembang Sunda (Sundanese sung poetry). When played without a singer, the music is simply known as kacapi suling.
Kacapi SulingSekar Enggal ( is the name of a group of musicians in London who rehearse and perform gamelan degung and other sorts of Sundanese music. The group was formed in 1992, when the first set of gamelan degung instruments arrived in the UK. The instruments are housed in the Music Department at City University.

Sekar Enggal is directed by Simon Cook, who began playing gamelan in the Netherlands in 1979, and subsequently spent 12 years in Indonesia, in order to study Sundanese music. He is joined by Dr Barley Norton, an ethnomusicologist and filmmaker with research interests in the music and culture of Southeast Asia, and leader of the Goldsmiths Gamelan Group.
Kacapi Suling

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