Indonesian art within the UK's cultural diversity
Ikon2011 Jagat Gamelan
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Indonesia Kontemporer 2011
A celebration of arts inspired by Indonesian arts and culture
SOA, Saturday 15th October


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Eszter Tari
Painter and Instructor of art

A Hungarian contemporary painter. Many of her paintings are inspired by Javanese batik. An art instructor and researcher who earned the DLA-title (equivalent to PhD) from the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, University of Pécs (UP). She travels a lot and spent a lot of her time in Indonesia. Worked as an assistant at the graphic workshop of the UP and later taught as a visiting professor visual art courses at Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia. She has had solo exhibitions of paintings in Hungary, Indonesia and Spain. Her art is housed in the The Indonesian National Gallery, Oei Hong Djien Museum of Modern and Contemporary Indonesian Art, and Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat..






Noel Dyrenforth
Batik Artist

Born in London in 1936. Studied drawing, textiles and ceramic sculpture at Central School of Art, Goldsmiths College and University of London. Worked with the batik technique since 1962. Exhibits and teaches internationally - China, Japan, US, Europe, Australia, Indonesia and South America. As part of the emerging counter-culture of the early 1960's, he was eagerly seeking an alternative to the conventional art processes and found it in batik. Batik had little or no artistic legacy in the West, which liberated him from the constraints of content, style and practice. Equally he found in batik a means to resolve the historic dichotomy of art versus craft. The spirit of his work is underpinned by the discipline of the essential technique. Integrity and sensibilities are constantly being reappraised to enrich the expression.

Gatot BW

Gatot BW was born in Malang, Indonesia. He studied in IKJ and left to begin his professional career as an artist, developing a central theme of "Metamorphosis" - constant change. He continued to work and study in Jakarta under the guidance of famous Indonesian artist and writer Jim Supangkat, a leading member of the dynamic new movement in Indonesian art and sculpture.Gatot's work draws on a wide range of traditions and influences.

The features of many of his sculpted heads, cast in brass and resin, echo the mystic traditions and calm serenity of the monumental Buddhist figures of his native Java. But Gatot also spent much of his early childhood living with the Dayak people of the Indonesian island of Kalimantan (Borneo). His memories of their striking features, and of the strangeness and excitement of venturing into the edges of the rain forest with them, also find echoes in his work.

Another strong strand of influence is the traditional "Wayang" shadow-puppet theatre of Indonesia, which is still very much alive and popular throughout the country. "Wayang" theatre tells well-known stories, and uses characters instantly recognisable to an Indonesian audience, to provide not only entertainment, but also deeper lessons of morality. Many of Gatot's pieces reflect forms and themes which recur throughout the tradition.

Gatot BW


Cita Tenun Indonesia
Tenun Association

An associaton of women who shares a passion for Indonesian culture, especially its textile traditions. The main focus of their work is to preserve, encourage the development, and to market this beautiful cultural product locally, as well as globally. CTI has published book titled “Tenun: Handwoven Textiles of Indonesia” The purpose of this publication is to provide readers with a summary of Indonesia’s interesting textile history. So far, there has not been proper documentation of the country’s various traditional textiles, such as Bali’s double ikats, Sumatra’s gold-thread songkets, East Nusa Tenggara’s warp ikats, among the many weavings that form the national heritage.

Indonesian Education Exhibition
Education stall

Exhibition on Indonesian Education including Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Higher Education Institutions: and collaborations such as Twinned/Sister Schools, Student/Staff Exchange as well as Academic/Research ventures. Information on scholarships to study in Indonesia will also be made available.



Textile Techniques by Diane and Jim Gaffney
Specialists in fine hand made textiles

Textile Techniques have been buying from the same villages and family businesses like our own in Indonesia and Thailand for over 25 years. We specialise in trading beautiful handmade batik tulis and sarongs, wall hangings, silk scarves, unusual clothes, silver jewellery from the hilltribes, embroideries, weavings such as Ikat, batik quilts, woodblocks, tjaps and tjantings, batik equipment, shadow puppets and all sorts of amazing hand made textiles. It purchase directly from the producers of these fantastic items to bring them straight to you. Diane and Jim Gaffney, also visit groups throughout the country to give talks on hand made textiles from around the world. They run a fast and friendly mail order service.

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