Indonesian art within the UK's cultural diversity
Ikon2011 Jagat Gamelan
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Indonesia Kontemporer 2012
A celebration of arts inspired by Indonesian arts and culture
SOAS, Saturday 13th of October
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Indigo Moon

Indigo Moon

The Lost Forest Puppet : theatre for ages 5 and over/families
Duration : 45 mins
There's magic and mayhem in the rainforest! Animals homes are at risk as bulldozers and diggers crash their way through trees and foliage. Who will come to the rescue and fight the evil Endorro? Can we save the rainforest? The Lost Forest takes a vital concern and turns it into a fun and dynamic show, using wayang golek (colourful rod puppets from West Java), stunning rainforest projections, shadow theatre and original music. "Excellent, full of magic and wonder, very cleverly presented and extremely entertaining"

Lila Cita & Lila Bhawa

Lila Cita, the UK's premier Balinese Gamelan group was founded as Kembang Kirang in 1992 by Andy Channing and specialises in Balinese gamelan music on a variety of gamelan ensembles including Angklung, Gong Kebyar, Semar Pegulingan and Gamelan Semaradana. The group has played throughout the UK and abroad including performances at the Fondacion la Caixa in Barcelona, St James's Palace, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Glastonbury Festival and regularly performs in London at LSO St. Luke’s. In July 2006, Lila Cita won acclaim at the prestigious Pesta Kesenain Bali (Bali Arts Festival) in Denpasar and hope to make a return visit in 2013.

Lila Bhawa is a UK-based Indonesian dance group, specializing in classical dances of Bali and Java founded by the Balinese choreographer, Ni Madé Pujawati in London in 2001. The group includes a number of experienced performers in the Balinese and Javanese dance repertoire, as well as younger dancers who have started learning dance in the UK. Lila Bhawa also invites leading dancers from Indonesia to perform with them. In July 2006, Lila Bhawa, together with Lila Cita, toured Bali with their original kreasi baru as well as traditional dance repertoire.

         Lila Cita

                                      Lila Bawa


Margaret Coldiron

Trained as an actress at the Drama Centre London, toured the US with the National Shakespeare Company and has taught and directed for professional theatre programmes in the US and UK. She has studied and performed Balinese Topeng since 1997 and has led workshops throughout the UK and Europe. She is currently Deputy Head of the BA in World Performance at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex and a member of Gamelan Lila Cita and Lila Bhawa dance troupe.

Jagat Gamelan

Jagat Gamelan was formed in November 2010, and consists of 12 youths aged 10 to 18 from London. Jagat offers not only a place to learn traditional music, but also a chance to socialise in a positive and safe environment. The name ‘Jagat’ comes from the words jaga tradisi, which means to preserve traditional Indonesian culture in the form of gamelan. Since 2010, Jagat has performed in several places including the Chesham festival, the Indonesian Embassy of GB, Indonesia Kontemporer 2011 and the Indonesian Society London.

They played both traditional Javanese gamelan or contemporary music, which is created by combining traditional gamelan wit modern instruments to produce a unique and fresh sound. At Indonesia Kontemporer this year, Jagat will perform a different type of gamelan from Bali, which is characterised by a fast tempo to represent the dynamic lives of the younger generation.

Manuel Jimenez, their current teacher, has been a performer of several styles of Balinese gamelan for the last 10 years and has been teaching gamelan since 2004.  He is also a performer and teacher of other non-Western musical styles, including Javanese gamelan, Zimbabwean mbira, and Korean SamulNori.  He is currently finishing a PhD on the bamboo gamelan jegog of Western Bali.


                                 jagat   Jagat Gamelan


Ni Kadek Yulia Puspasari

An Indonesian dancer and choreographer living in France, She has learned Indonesian dance since the age of 6. A graduate from the Institiut Seni Indonesia (Indonesian Arts Institute) Surakarta, she dances Balinese, Javanese as well as contemporary and has travelled around the world.

In 2002 she worked as choreographer in many part of Indonesia for Indonesian Festivals and represents Indonesia in International Festivals in Taiwan, Korea, USA and Singapore. She is also one of the choreographers for Opera Jawa, a film of the great Indonesian film producer Garin Nugroho.

For Indonesian Kontemporer 2012, Kadek is sending her DVD as she still has difficulties to get visa for visiting the UK.

 Tiffany Strawson

Tiffany is a PhD candidate from Plymouth University, England, studying the embodiment of the Balinese topeng mask and its application in a post-traditional context. She first came to Bali in 1999 and has lived between Ubud, Bali and Dartmoor, England ever since funding this passion for masks by directing various  productions including large scale site-specific and intimate community theatre ventures.

With the sole intention of learning the craft of the mask Tiffany spent over a year carving masks with Ida Bagus Anom in Mas, making a vast collection of traditional and contemporary designs. In order to give more ‘life’ to the mask, Tiffany then began the process (on-going) of learning the dances, stories and mantras associated with topeng with Ida Bagus Alit, in Lod Tunduh. She now has extended her range of teachers to include Pak Djimat, from Batuan.                         



Segara Madu

Segara Madu is a gendér wayang group based at SOAS, directed and taught by Nick Gray. The players in this performance will be Paula Friar and Nick Gray.

Gendér wayang is the name given to a small quartet (or sometimes duo) of bronze metallophones, used in Bali to accompany the shadow play (wayang
kulit), a sacred drama based on stories from ancient Indian epics. It also serves as a ritual ensemble playing for life-cycle ceremonies, temple festivals, purification rituals and cremations as part of Bali’s rich Hindu heritage.

The playing technique in this miniature gamelan ensemble is very demanding, as players must damp the ringing notes with their wrists while executing high-speed figuration that interlocks between the instruments. Bamboo resonating tubes beneath the keys give the sound a unique resonance.

Melanie Knowles Moncrieff

Melanie Knowles Moncrieff has studied and performed an eclectic mix of dance genres from flamenco to tribal style belly dance. In 1993, she was fortunate to receive the Shansi Memorial Fellowship which took her to Yogyakarta, Central Java, where she studied Balinese dance intensively and the contemporary Javanese choreography of Didik Nini Thowok. She holds an MA in Dance Studies from the University of Surrey, Guildford.

Melanie will introduce workshop participants to the fundamentals of Balinese Dance, focusing on the asymmetry of the basic positions which are often in contrast to the concept of balance within traditional choreography. She will teach an short excerpt from 'Jokasta', an original piece of kreasi baru choreographed by Ni Madé Pujawati, which will be premiered by Lila Cita and Lila Bhawa at IKON 2012.







Tobong is a residency and collaboration with Javanese artist Risang Yuwono taking place in 2012. The British artist and Indonesian Artist will work towards a lens based interactive art project with the Ketoprak Tobong, the last remaining theatre troupe in Jogyakarta, Java. Risang Yuwono has a family lifelong relationship with them, so we have very special access to a normally obscured community. Ketoprak is a musical drama involving dialogue, monologue and singing and music. The tobong is a temporary building with no walls, constructed from bamboo, that can moved from place to place, at once a stage, a group of dwellings and a place for the audience. They wish to document the lives of the last remaining ketoprak theatre troupe in Java, who live on the outskirts of the city, and their tobong, and spend a period of intensive residency with them, devising with their cooperation a series of staged photographs or ‘tableaux vivant’ meaning ‘living pictures’.

Indonesia Contemporary Art Network will host the residency, presenting an exhibition of the work, website and catalogue towards the end of this year. Helen Marshall will present the project in development at Indonesia Kontemporer and be keen to start a dialogue and discussion with the audience. Helen Marshall met Risang Yuwono by chance in 2011 travelling in a remote area of Indonesia, and they were immediately inspired and engaged by each other’s work, so started the conversation about their ideas and longer term collaboration. What brought them together was something more intrinsic to each of them. In that discovery, they found it was actually both ‘otherness and togetherness’ that sustained and extended their contact and intensified the quality of their artistic ideas. This is unique to international collaboration, this quality of 'closeness and distance'. Their project will embrace cross cultural and interdisciplinary understanding; reflecting the nuances of cultural differences.                                       

Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall is an established artist in the UK and her work is recognised here through the media and press. A genuine concern for 'user led' engagement is at the heart of her work and vision as an artist. She is particularly interested in collaborating with marginalised communities and individuals so that they become producer consumers and storytellers within her work. International development is the next clear step. Her focus in the future is to take her work and artistic ideas to new and unfamiliar territories. This project has a goal and long term strategy, to obtain further support and exchange in the form of an exhibition and event in the UK, including the host artist visit to the UK in 2013. She is looking to develop the artistic potential of the work to its utmost in the next six months, as well as enlist further support. You can look at examples of Helen Marshall's work and read more about the project at


                                                                      Helen Marshall


Teguh Santosa

Teguh Santosa is Indonesian living in the UK since 2002. Music has been his passion since he was teenager. After finished high school he teamed up with a local youth vocal group as a guitar and percussion player. Together with this group he succeeded to win the first prize for South Jakarta Youth Vocal Group Competition. Since then he had been performing in various events either solo or with other musician from Indonesia and around the world.

Over the last nine-years, whilst living in England, Teguh had explored his sense of music and began song writing. He now has a portfolio of eight songs that express his feeling about what had happened and what is happening with his friends and country, Indonesia. Everyone can enjoy his songs on his video channel on under SinarPribadiFilm channel.

Art Exhibitions

Sinta Tantra (Mixed media)

Sinta Tantra is a British artist of Balinese descent. Born in New York, USA, Tantra spent her childhood in Indonesia, America and Britain. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2003 and completed her postgraduate degree at Royal Academy of Arts in 2006. In the same year, she was awarded the prestigious Deutsche Bank Award in Fine Art.

Tantra has exhibited widely including solo shows with Monika Bobinska Gallery, London (2009) which was acquired by the UK Government Art Collection and Gaya Fusion Gallery, Bali (2009) which was supported by the British Council. Notable public art commissions include Liverpool Biennial (2012), Canary Wharf Group (2012), The Southbank Centre (2008) and London Borough of Camden (2007). She lives and works in London.

Cara Satmoko (Architecture)

Satmoko Ball was established in 1999 by directors Cara Satmoko and Adrian Ball and has built up a diverse portfolio of projects including: private residential, offices, arts spaces, healthcare, housing, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
We believe that the best design solutions come from the synthesis of client requirements and desires, place, imagination and ideas. Every project is developed from scratch according to its own specific conditions, giving each project its own distinct identity.

We are able to see projects through from first inception through the construction phase to completion on site. We work with a wide range of consultants and favour a collaborative approach to problem solving. We also regularly work together with artists, lighting specialists and graphic and product designers in the development of projects.

Artati Sirman (Mixed media)

Artati was born in Jakarta, 1986. She completed her BA Fine Art in Central Saint Martins in 2010 and obtained her MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Over the years, she has been exploring the narrative potentials of traditional shadow puppets, initially triggered by her fascination with the detailed illustrations in Hardjowirogo’s Sejarah Wayang Purwa given by her grandfather.

Her series of work often go beyond the puppet’s established traditional depictions as she reduced their visual embodiment to elementary physical traits. Stripped away from individually stylized facial features and attire, which are vital in the recognition of the each shadow puppet on the screen, the figures effectively become impartial.
She gradually adopted these reconstructed characters as a subject matter that is generic and insipid, devoid of neither intent nor persona.

Astri Sefrina (Textile)

Astri's passion in graphic design and fashion textiles suface design has led her to the amazing world of 'creativity'. Knowing no limits in regards to being creative and thinking outside the box are the two formulas that work for her when creating her design pieces.

She believes that a true work of design must be able to inspire people, trigger memories and generate surprises. Being able to express herself through these creative languages made her very passionate in regards to creating useful pieces of art that give statisfaction and put a smile on people's faces.

Her background has given me hands-on experience in graphic design and media. After working in the field of graphic design and media for 4 years, she decided to come to England to further education by studying fashion textiles and surface design and had internships with london designers. She has gained valuable experience over the years in regards to creative visual communication by working on projects for magazines, advertising, printed ads and below the line media.

IDE (Indonesian Student Design Exhibition)

Ayu Astari Pramudita is currently taking Fashion Communication and Media course in London College of Fashion. Previously, work experience has been gained from Inmark Digital where she, together with many outstanding creatives, do trend-setting, visual identities. Ayu also enjoy working with many top-notch fashion creatives at Fashion TV Indonesia, the place that has developed her sense of trend in fashion world as well as undertanding the value of the business.
Contact : +44878 8587 6672

Feby Tandiary has passed the first year of Fashion Design undergraduate course at Instituto Marangoni, London. Previously, two short courses at Esmod Jakarta and Susan Budiharjo Fashion Institute have been taken after graduated from St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in Perth, Australia. Experience in fashion exhibition has been gained since her designs were showcased at Susan Budiharjo Graduate Fashion Show 2011 (Jakarta) and competed at International Footwear Design Competition (China) 2012. Travel, history and mythology are the passions, often they are incorporated into her designs.
Contact: +44752 8171 922 -

Januar Rianto is a fresh design graduate whose passion lies within typography, identity, publication design, social and cultural issues. He is a firm believer in pushing boundaries within every creative avenue he seeks. He is also an awarded member of International Society of Typographic Designers (, UK. At the moment, Januar is open for fill-time jobs, freelance commissions and other opportunities in the field of visual communication and design. Feel free to get in contact in regards to editions and any further information, or for a cup of coffee.
Contact: -

Project Description: Hong Identity -Hong Centre for Folk Toys & Games founded in 1996 by Zaini Alif — a toy expert, is a community that serves as the central of folk toys and games to investigate more about the culture and traditional toys and games from and in Indonesia. With aims to preserve, to educate, and to develop folk toys as cultural artifacts, in order to remain sustainable and not extinct. The word 'Hong' itself derived from the term 'Hong-hongan', Sundanese term of hide and seek. The new Hong identity is built to echo the movement of kids playing, to build over than 50 unique Hong logomarks resulting in a modular identity which is playful, optimistic, customizable, and can evolve over time. Rebranding covers logo, custom typeface, signs and icons, stationery, posters, website, and smartphone app.

Marasmi Apsari, usually called Maras, born in Jakarta, Indonesia 24 years ago. She's just started studying fashion design in 2010 but she was already interested in fashion and art since childhood. She majored in graphic design and earned a bachelor's degree Cum Laude in 2009. Maras had attended fashion design competition for Indonesia's leading magazine Femina in 2011, despite not winning the competition, she was offered the opportunity to work as an editor and stylist for the magazine. Maras is currently living in London to pursue her studies in fashion design master of womens wear at Istituto Marangoni London. Contact: -

Nabila Mahdi
Contact:: +447740177085 -

Project Description: Eastender Snooker Hall - "Harmony is when a number of similar or related units are arranged in an orderly or unified composition" - Muschenheim Throughout the whole year my thesis has revolved around the notion of architectural adaptations and it's consequences. How a uniformed structure is 'interrupted' when an individual attempts to adapt their dwellings. But unlike the theories of repetitive and harmonious architecture, Inhabitation is anything but uniform. It is a dynamic composition, self regenerating and malleable according to it's inhabitants personalities, functionary needs and musings

Nevine Rafa is just finished Interior Design master course at Westminster University.

Project Description: Street Performance - A bridge between reality and imagination In order to understand the concept of how human experience the space, I relate it to dramaturgy perspective. To this extent, it is impossible to separate actions (verbal or physical) from their contexts, especially in performing world. Communication between the actor and the audience should be happened with the help of signs presented, such as a set up situation in the theatre. At this stage, imagination works. But, when it comes to spontaneous situation, such as in public places, how things do extract meanings? How it elicits or activates the meanings and guides people and, thus, which things or objects “work” best? Street performance has been used to comprehend the idea, which might be seen as a direct intervention into and transformation of the architectural environment tools that enable people to utilize their mind, in translating the meaning of built environment of public places into performing places. The potential of several street performance places (Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus) have been explored based on psychological of people and place theories and personal observation; and distil its typical physical feature to encourage the meaning of built environment in public places and how it transports human’s mind from reality to imagination.

Nina Monika Gunadi was born in Bandung, Indonesia, 11th October 1987, Nina has grown with a passion to be an interior designer. She accomplished her study in architecture as Bachelor Degree in Bandung Institute of Technology in 2010 because of her interest in design, which increased because of playing Lego since childhood. She loves experimenting with models, rather than designing inside digital world. Moreover, she currently finished her MA Interior Architecture study in University of Westminster with Batik Exhibition as a major thesis project since she really wants the world to know Indonesia.
Contact: +44 798 471 3811/+62 811 430 979 -

Project Description: Batik - A Celebration of Process Fascinated by the magnificent form of Batik, this thesis is made to appreciate batik as cultural heritage of Indonesia, as an exploration of batik making process. The knowledge of batik making process has been handed down for generations, because Indonesian people believed that they are praising the gods when they are making batik. Every exhibit inside the space is provided dialectical framework, which illustrates the batik making process, from raw material to a masterpiece. In this thesis I called it metamorphosis, because the narrative explains the journey of batik, from strings that wrap a cocoons to an art creation of fabric that could wrap human body. It is purposely to express how art and culture could be a harmonious establishment, which appreciate Indonesian culture heritage. The story of the process is divided into three rooms that have individual experience based on the narrative. Nevertheless, these three rooms are dynamically connected to each other with the journey of strings, which is the initial of the metamorphosis.

Panji Hadinuraga graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia in 2011 with a dual-BA degrees in Mass Communication awarded by Curtin University of Technology in Australia; where he spent his lifetime enthusiastically toward media production ever since. Earlier this year (2012), the Sundanese guy graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in United Kingdom, with a MA degree in Media Arts. At the time, he had a chance to participate and gained his first experience in new-media filmmaking at the 2012 iPhone Film Festival; which also served as a support of his final dissertation topic about the new-media productions. His cinematography style is influenced by several Michael Bay’s film namely Transformers and such; in which his film genre is ranging from adaptation, action, horror, and comedy.
Contact: +6281617781631 -

Project Description: Kabuto (HD) - This film is an adaptation of a 10th Anniversary superhero show in Japan called Kamen Rider Decade. Using a Power Rangers-esque style of editing, where original footages are combined with source footages for continuity. It tells a story about an average guy who possessed an unknown belt buckle. The belt allowed him to boost up his sight and senses to a whole new level. The time has come for him, and the belt armored him up for rough situations. Nobody knows the origin of his current possession and what it can do, even for himself. Expect a sequel of this film later on in 2013 on my YouTube Channel to reveal the story. Surprisingly, the original video (in SD-Quality) has reached a nearly 200,000 of viewers, and the responses are generally constructive. That is a reason why I put this film into this exhibition. It’s because this what drives me to make and develop more content on my portfolio and boosted-up my confidence as a filmmaking enthusiast.
(Director: Panji Hadinugraha, Story: Panji Hadinugraha, Cast: Ditto Fresnoditya, Location: Cyberjaya, Malaysia, Genre: Action)

Tubagus M. Aziz Soelaiman is currently an MA student in Sustainable Place Making and Urban Design at Kingston University London to be graduated soon in 2012. Previously studied Architecture at the Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia ( from 2006 to 2010. Interested in urban design, design product, photography, and management. Loves to use recyclable and reusable materials, since ‘sustainability’ is the most favorite term in current daily life activities. Creating cities more sustainable through building and/or urban design is the main ambition to be achieved.
Contact: +447870170050 -

Project Description: Burn Oak Districk Centre Masterplan - The master project is undertaken to define and translate the principles of Sustainable Urban Design into a study case in London, particularly in Burnt Oak as a suburban area in the North West of Greater London. The district centre is the object of this project, since it is the hub and centre of local community activities in the ward. The impact of redesigning the district centre is expected to influence other places in Burnt Oak Ward. To obtain objective problems and opportunities, several methods of research have been conducted, such as site analysis, planning policy analysis, retail and market research and public consultation. Six main aspects has been highlighted in the project site as the result of research and analysis to create a new masterplan of Burnt Oak District centre, including riverside revitalisation, green spaces optimisation, high street improvement (for transport and pedestrian), new retail frontage and District Centre new gateway. Those aspects have to be integrated in solving the problems regarding the site.









































Sunrise Jive
      Janji Joni  

Indonesian films – Curator : Ben Murtagh (SOAS)

Session 1 12.30-14.30

Short film: Sunrise jive
Country: Indonesia
Director: Mahardhika Yudha
Runtime: 7 minutes
Working routines are boring, but there’s always something about them that can make you smile.

Main film: Position among the stars
Country: Netherlands and Indonesia
Director: Leonard Retel Helmrich
Runtime: 109 minutes
For 12 years, film maker Leonard Retel Helmrich followed an Indonesian family from the slums of Jakarta and this resulted in the trilogy ‘Stand van de zon’, ‘Stand van de maan’ and ‘Stand van de sterren’ (“Eye of the Day”, “Shape of the Moon” “Position among the Stars”) Just as in the previous two parts, which received many international prizes, in the third part “Position among the Stars”, the maker shows us the underlying patterns of life in Indonesia. He presents that both literally and metaphorically with his revolutionary camera work. The Indonesian Sjamsuddin family is, in a way, a microcosm in which you can recognise the most important issues of life in Indonesia: corruption, conflict between religions,gambling addiction, the generation gap and the growing difference between poor and rich.

Session 2:  15.00-17.00

Short film: Jakarta 1 kata (Jakarta in 1 word)
Country: Indonesia
Director: Tasya P. Maulana
Runtime: 4 minutes
Walking around the city, the director asks the people he meets to describe Jakarta, but only in one word.

Main film: Janji Joni (Joni’s promise)
Country: Indonesia
Director: Joko Anwar
Runtime: 82 minutes
A film delivery man promises a beautiful young woman to deliver a film reel on time to a movie theater. But the whole city seems to conspire against him.

Session 3: 17.00-19.00

Short film: Jalan tak ada ujung (Road with no end)
Country: Indonesia
Director:  M. Adel Pasha
Runtime: 7 minutes
Tracing small alleyways in Jakarta is just like entering a maze.

Main film: Leak (Mystics in Bali) – horror film, not suitable for children
Country: Indonesia
Director: H. Tjut Djalil
Runtime: 86 minutes

The film tells the story of a young American woman who goes to Asia in search of the secrets of ancient magic. One night in the forest, she encounters a female member of the terrifying cult of Leak. She agrees to become the Leak's disciple and begins to indulge in many strange and savage rites. But the Leak witch has secret plans for her young acolyte. Plans that culminate in one of the most bizarre and shocking scenes in all horror cinema!

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