Indonesian art within the UK's cultural diversity
Ikon Ikon2011 Jagat Gamelan
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about us

Welcome to ARTi You will find information about what the organisation has done throughout the years in the UK.

ARTi UK, established in August 2010, is an unincorporated association aiming at promoting Indonesian arts and culture within the UK's cultural diversity.

Indonesia Kontemporer 2011 held in London is one of the first stepping stones for ARTi UK to reach its objective. Supporting by the Indonesian Embassy, ARTi UK is also currently organising a gamelan group Jagat Gamelan. To know more about this activity click Jagat Gamelan.

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The founder

Felicia Gerda Nayoan-Siregar is the founder of ARTi UK, a non-profit  organisation which works to promote Indonesian art and culture in the UK.

An economics graduate from University of Indonesia in Jakarta specializing in marketing management , Felicia has applied her skills in many different businesses contexts whilst based  in Indonesia including the garment industry, banking, the media and  trade.

Since moving to London in 1995 with her husband and two children, Felicia has been involved in the promotion of a variety of  events in her local area, South East London, including art  exhibitions, concerts and fundraising events such as Tsunami Night and, for the last nine years since 2011, together with the Indonesian community in the UK, she organises an annual art festival 'Indonesia Kontemporer' in London, which had come to a halt during pandemic in 2020.

Under ARTiUK, in 2010 she also found the Jagat Gamelan group in London. The gamelan group has been going from strength to strength in its numbers of members as well as involvement in concerts and gamelan workshops all over UK namely London, Oxford, Kent, Essex and last but not least virtually during the pandemic.

With a life-long passion for art in general and Indonesian art in particular, Felicia is committed to making ARTiUK a vehicle for bringing greater global recognition to Indonesian art and culture, starting with the UK.




Culinary Promotion Manager

Ex-journalist Lenah Susianty has been living in London for 18 years. “It’s the place where I have lived the longest in my life,” says mother of two now considers London as her home.

Lenah loves reading and eating, no wonder she is very keen to bring Indonesian cuisine to London. She is responsible for food stalls Artiuk's annual event, the Indonesia Kontemporer.

Interested to try Indonesian food? Ask her and she will tell you where to get the authentic Indonesian dishes.

In her spare time, when she’s not busy gobbling food, she likes to do some translations.


Jagat Gamelan Manager

Endang Budiarti Scanlon has been living in London for nearly 25 years. She lives with her husband and her two children in SE London and now works for one of the universities in London.

As a gamelan player herself before, Endang has a special interest in gamelan and feels privilleged to be a part of Jagat Gamelan and is very grateful with the opportunity to be able to join ArtiUK in promoting Indonesian culture in the UK. Juggling work and household chaos, Endang is committed to supporting the continuation of Jagat and using her spare time to organise activities within Jagat.

Graduating from Bogor Agricultural University (known as IPB), she once worked as a researcher at one of the R&D departments within the Department of Industry in Bogor. Having a postgraduate degree from Loughborough University helps Endang with expanding her career in the UK.

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