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Saturday 5th October 2019, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London, Russel Square WC1H 0XG

Pencak Silat

-. The Pencak Silat Federatuion of the UK (PSF UK)

Pencak Silat ('Silat') is the martial art of the Indonesian/Malay archipelago (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei). Silat has played an important role in the history and culture of Indonesian and Malay peoples.

Pencak Silat

The varying cultures & geography of that region have resulted in many different styles of Silat, but all use natural body movements and develop balance and economy of movement in each individual.  Silat can be practised purely for sport and fitness, for the aesthetic beauty of the art, or for the chance to learn one of the world's few remaining complete traditional martial arts systems.


The Pencak Silat Federation of the UK (PSF UK) is the only national body for Pencak Silat (Silat) in the UK that is officially recognised by the world governing body for Silat, the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT) based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Pencak Silat

The PSF UK has been established to encourage, promote and develop genuine, traditional Pencak Silat of the Malay-Indonesian Archipelago in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

If you are interested to know more, please contact The PSF UK:


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