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Saturday 5th October 2019, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London, Russel Square WC1H 0XG


Jagat's Balinese gamelan group has being playing since 2010, and has performed several different types of Balinese music, including gamelan semar pegulingan, gamelan angklung, and kecak. 

Jagat Bali

They are led by Manuel Jimenez, who has been a teacher of gamelan for over 20 years, and has run the group since its creation. 

They are playing 4 pieces at IKON2019:
1. Tari Puspanjali - a piece written by I Nyoman Windha, and choreographed by Ni Lu Swasti Wijaya Bandem, meant as a modern interpretation of the classic Rejang ceremonial dance. 'Puspa' means 'flower', and 'anjali' means 'respect'.

2. Baris Gilak, an instrumental piece based on a classic "Gilak" gong structure.

Jagat Gamelan

3. Kompang, this is a gamelan version of a modern tune. Its name, 'Kompang', comes from the Malay wrd for frame drum. 

4. Zombie Kecak, this piece was written and choreographed by Manuel Jimenez for Jagat's performance at IKON 2015. This particular version will be done without dance. 

Jagat Bali

Formed in 2010, Jagat initially had 10 youth members aged between 9 and 14. Jagat has since become a gamelan group of all ages from as young as 7 to as mature as having a free travel ticket holders and in 2015 its active memberships has more than tripled.


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