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Saturday 5th October 2019, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London, Russel Square WC1H 0XG

Graphic Art Exhibition

-. Taring Padi (TP) is an art collective based in Yogyakarta Indonesia that uses art as a tool for political expression and education for all. Taring Padi proclaimed its existence in the political-cultural realm of Yogyakarta, declaring and announcing its mission statement (Preamble) and the “Five Evils of Culture” at the Yogyakarta LBH office on December 21, 1998.


As a progressive cultural organization, Taring Padi outlined its mission to revive “People’s Culture,” and to advocate and strategize for a united front supporting democratic and popular change in Indonesia. Taring Padi’s statement was signed by a group of cultural activists, students, artists, and self-taught artists.

Taring PadiTaring Padi was conceived of as a cultural activist organization, and positions itself in the middle strata of society. Taring Padi has two roles in cultural activism. On one level, Taring Padi facilitates resistance against “elite discourse” and promotes populist or people’s art, while on a second level, Taring Padi organizes social and cultural organizations with a progressive and middle-class orientation.

-. Paul Flanders will be exhibiting a number of my sketches based on `The Night Comes for Us’ as part of IKON 2019. They will include examples of my other personal work associated with Indonesian film, which have been created over Paul Flanders a period of five years. He will also be working live on a painted full-size piece during IKON which will be based on the sketches.

Paul is a self-taught illustrator who has previously worked for many years as a graphic designer/artworker (including a number of years with a development charity in Indonesia).

He currently designs posters based on books and films, examples of which are exhibited and sold by Dark City Gallery. Paul kindly helped ARTi UK with designing the poster for Indonesia Kontemporer 2013.

Look at Paul’s work at: and

-. Digie Sigit,
Digie Sigit is a street art artist, working with stencil art, his work is mostly about social and humanism issue in national and global range, he like to used the public space to presenting his artworks, intend to make the artworks comes to the public so it will be easy to effecting the audiences.

Digie Sigit

In 2015 he worked in collaboration art project in and in 2018 he was in a residency and a group show for international art festival in Weifang city, China.

Digie Sigit

In October 2019, in a collaboration with, Digie Sigit exhibit three of his works in Bricklane, Stockwell, and Brixton.

Filmpronet has a mission is to extend the ways of making and experiencing film and digital art, while enhancing the diversity of the UK and worldwide arts sector. Founded in 2001 by Caglar Kimyoncu as an informal collective, filmpro became a non-profit company limited by guarantee in 2009. Based in Stockwell, London, we aim to fill a crucial gap in the arts sector, supporting artists who experience exclusion and other barriers in their practice.

Here is the map, where you can see Digie Sigit works:

Digie Sigit

Digie Sigit

Digie Sigit



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