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Saturday 5th October 2019, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London, Russel Square WC1H 0XG


-. Petualangan Menangkap Petir (The Adventure of the Thunder Catcher), Dir: Kuntz Agus, 2018. 1 hour 30 mins. PetirPetualangan Menangkap Petir tells the story of Sterling a young boy whose family moves back to Indonesia from Hong Kong. Addicted to social media and living much of his world online, it is something of a shock when he goes to stay at his grandfather’s house in Central Java. However, Sterling soon makes new friends in the real world and that’s when the adventures begin. Drawing on the legend of Ki Ageng Solo, this funny and engaging film will also delight for its images from the foothills of Mount Merapi. A children’s film that will be enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

-. Harimau TjampaHarimau Tjampa (Tiger from Tjampa) Dir D. Djajakusuma, 1953, 1 hour 37 mins, with English subtitles. This black and white movie from 1953 is regarded a classic of Indonesian cinema. Set in West Sumatra in the1930s. The film tells the story of Lukman, a young man who learns pencak silat in order to avenge his father’s murder. With numerous scenes of the martial art in practice and with the Minangkabau setting this is an important early example of the portrayal of traditional regional culture in film. While the condition of the film is not perfect, this is a must see for all fans of Indonesian cinema.

Short Films
-. Awal Nasib Manusia, Dir: Gilang B. Santoso (dur: 26.46)
After the events of 1965, film student Awal Uzhara found that returning to Indonesia from Moscow was too difficult due to the changed political circumstances.

-. Ujung Trayek, Dir: Sally Anom Sari (dur: 13..25)
Anto, an angkot driver, guides us through the streets of Bandung until the final stop.

-. Bubar Jalan, Dir: Gerry Fairus Irsan (dur: 10.20)
A nervous schoolboy is asked to lead the flag raising ceremony for the first time.

-. Lembar Jawaban, Dir. Sofyana Ali Bindiar (dur: 7.14)
A student faces unusual challenges in the Exam Hall

-. Semua Karena, Dir. Deden M Sahid (dur: 1 .29)
Local Indonesian heroes

-. Bara Kabut, Dir. Roufy Nasution (dur: 11.01)
Drupadi journeys to find her long-separated lover, Bima, in the other world.


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