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What a tasty IKON 2017... Thank you for your continued support.
We can't wait to start cooking up the next event!

Ikon 2017    Ikon 2017     Ikon 2017More pictures soon

Film Screening
Tiga Dara - Three Maidens
Cita Citaku Setinggi Tanah - Stepping on the Flying
Tiga Dara

Si Pirok goes to the city
Komodo wants to play music


Balinese Gamelan
Baris Gilak
Tari Pani Semirang
Jeruk Manis

Jagat Gamelan

Javanese Gamelan
Semar and the Legacy of Dewi Sri


Gado-Gado Ensemble
Boo Boo Sianturi, Jason Noghani, Miryanneka Alwi, and Anwar Baadilla
Gado Gado Ensemble

Food is main theme for 2017. Food glorious food!

Ikon 2017

This event is free and open to all. Please register here to guarantee a place. By registering you also help us to support and to give you a better experience.

IKON 2017Food2ART
Exhibition and Competition

Cooking Demonstration
Petty Elliot
Budiono Bin Sukim


Talk on Indonesian Cuisine
Michael Hitchcok
Janice Gabriel
Petty Elliot


Kaulinan Dance
Beriuk Tinjal

Kaulinan Barudak

Shadow Puppet Show
East 15
East 15

Sumatran Dance and Balinese Gamelan


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